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• Preliminary Points
• How to Choose a Text
• Functions of Tasks
• Types of Tasks
• Activities

• Texts Samples
• Tasks to the Texts
• Students’ Works

• Students' Responses
• References




The Text Technology deals with the use of texts at the English lessons. At present this is the most developed part of the Thinking Approach. It comprises materials which have been piloted with various categories of students.

The Text Technology includes the following parts:

  • Criteria for choosing a text which can be used for teaching both language and thinking skills. Here you may find a list of criteria with reference to the texts presented on the given site.

  • Funcions and types of tasks illustrate how and why the proposed activities contribute to development of necessary skills.

  • Activities introduce four types of training which provide the resolution of key contradictions of language learning and education.

  • Text samples offers a large collection of texts. Texts are used as illustrations to various mechanisms of the Thinking Approach presented on the given site. All texts can be downloaded and used for teaching purposes providing you keep the information contained in the footer.

  • Tasks to the Texts offers possible tasks to some of the texts presented on the given site. You can normally get an additional pack of tasks free of charge if you agree to report on your work upon the materials presented on the given site.

  • Students' works illustrate how learning is taking place when the Text Technology is employed. Here you may find a collection of students' works upon the texts and tasks presented on the site as well as my comments to them.

  • Students' responses presents the results of the questionnaire given to students after a year of studies upon the syllabus based on the Thinking Approach.



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